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Understanding acute lymphoblastic leukemia

Acute lymphoblastic leukemia is a complex disease, but we want to help you understand it. We have put together a number of resources to answer your queries on all things acute lymphoblastic leukemia. Have a look below to see information on every step of your journey with acute lymphoblastic leukemia, from diagnosis to remission.

What is acute lymphoblastic leukemia?

Information about what happens to the body when acute lymphoblastic leukemia develops.

Causes & symptoms

A summary of what to look out for and possible triggers that may cause acute lymphoblastic leukemia.


The tests that are used to tell if acute lymphoblastic leukemia is present.


Different forms of acute lymphoblastic leukemia and how they are classified.


Up-to-date information on what types of therapy are available.


How acute lymphoblastic leukemia progresses and the factors that influence this.


What this means and what the next steps are.


What happens when acute lymphoblastic leukemia comes back and how this is managed.